Mold samples are collected and handled following the proper chain-of-custody as established by PRO-LAB/SSPTM, INC.

PRO-LAB/SSPTM, INC. analyzes the air samples to determine the type(s) and amount of mold spores present at the time of collection.

Surface samples are analyzed to determine the type(s) of mold spores present at the time of collection.


PRO-LAB/SSPTM, INC. analysis report will give a definitive result of the existence of an  “elevated” or “not elevated” mold condition, of sample collection area, at the time of the sample collection.


Lab results are usually available on the 3rd (third) business day after date of sample collection.


Guidelines to consider to determine the number of samples recommended per house:


As a general rule, one indoor air sample is necessary per 1000 square feet of conditioned living area, unless there are multiple central air return vents, additional floor levels, or complaint of a suspect mold area in the home.

In addition, an outdoor air sample is required to be collected as a base comparison to the indoor air sample(s) collected.

Surface samples are recommended when a location of suspect mold is visible.


(Actual number of samples will be determined and agreed upon on site)